Government Solutions


Assisting governments in achieving sustainable economic growth.

Need for contextualizing the economic activities to understand the interconnections and interdependencies is need of the hour for a sustainable economic growth. By harnessing the power of spatial, governments can discover insights from within data and transform how they see, think and act. While avoiding the “data traps”, spatial approach helps governments with operational improvements, cost savings, improved stakeholder collaboration and better understanding of the evolving situations.

SkyeITS provides data and software solutions to governments for enhanced situational awareness and actionable intelligence for informed decisions.

Geo-Enabled Decision Support Solutions

Demystifying and contextualizing data volumes for improved and inclusive governance.

In a connected world, geospatial technologies are shepherding a new era of contextualized environments by bringing together multiple disciplines on an unified environment, for better understanding of the situation...

Geo-Data Content Solutions

Ensuring “fitness to purpose” of data and processes for timely and accurate decisions.

Governments rely on authoritative geospatial content for decision making and policy formulation. Need for acquiring, processing, and bringing together diverse types of spatial and non-spatial data ...

Geo-Data Quality Solutions

Ensuring “fitness to purpose”of data and processes for timely and accurate decisions.

Governments need high-quality geo-data that is accurate and reliable for making critical decisions.Lineage, positional accuracy, attribute accuracy, logical consistency and completeness are important ...

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