Robotic Process Automation

At SkyeITs we have specialised team for process automation, they can automate business processes that are rules-based, structured and repetitive. The company can use RPA tools to communicate with other digital systems, capture data, retrieve information, process a transaction and many more. We can cater the needs of industries including healthcare, retail, manufacturing and more for the one who use RPA technology.

RPA technology combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning makes it more powerful.

Robotic Process Automation in practise

1. Call centre operations

Many of the customer requests received by call centres can be supported with RPA technology. Common customer queries and solutions can be provided to agents via dashboard. When an issue gets escalated to human customer service agents, RPA can help by consolidating all the information about a customer on a single screen, so that the agents will have all the information they need from multiple systems to provide exemplary service.

2. Data migration/entry and forms processing

Employees are often required to pull relevant information from legacy systems in order to have the data available for newer systems. RPA can support this manual process and complete it without introducing human error. When paper forms need to be transferred to a digital, an RPA solution can read the forms and then get the data into the system freeing up humans to do other things.

3. Claims administration

In healthcare and insurance, RPA is used to input and process claims. RPA tools can do this faster and with fewer errors than humans. The tech can also identify exceptions that don’t comply to save unnecessary payments.

4. Onboarding employees

RPA provides the perfect solution to ensure that every employee is onboarded according to the established process and receive all the information required to comply with company guidelines.

5. Help desk

As the first line to address user’s technical problems, RPA can help diminish the workload of the human help desk by taking care of straightforward, repetitive issues. These level-one tech support issues are simple but time-consuming. In addition, regular diagnostic tests of a company’s computer systems completed by bots will help the human IT staff stay ahead of issues.

6. Support the sales process

Any sales division would tell you, time that should be spent building relationships is instead used on administrative tasks such as updating the customer relationship management (CRM) system, setting up the client in the billing system, and inputting data into sales metrics and monitoring systems. Robotic process automation can be used to streamline each of these activities.

7. Scheduling systems

Online scheduling of patients for healthcare appointments can be enhanced with RPA technology. Bots can gather all patient details such as insurance information, appointment request, location preferences etc to make appointment scheduling more efficient.

8. Credit card applications

Today, bots are behind the scenes processing the majority of credit card applications. They can be programmed to handle all the aspects of the process easily from gathering information and documents, doing credit and background cheques, and ultimately deciding if the applicant is worthy of receiving credit and issuing the actual card.

9. Expense management

Most of the companies require their employees to input details on expense reports such as business name, data and amounts that an RPA bot can automatically extract from submitted receipts.

10. Pulling data from multiple websites to find the best deal

If you're looking to travel or purchase a vehicle, you want to get the best deal, for that RPA tech helps to make it happen by scraping data off websites, by comparing it and showing you the best deal.

use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve process efficiency and reduce errors.

Skyeits Robotic Process Automation (RPA), together with a unique continuous improvement methodology, simplifies routine and repetitive processes for clients. This includes automating labor-intensive and error-prone back office tasks data entry, account creation and data processing. We uses tools like Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, UI path, Work Fusion, Open Span as well as proprietary engines along with our knowledge of legacy systems and experience in business process management to improve process efficiency and reduce human intervention.

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is designed to empower humans whose ideas, thoughts, creativity, and focus make the work they do great. Automation Anywhere focuses on deploying a digital workforce of bots that automate business processes in all sectors. Automation Anywhere delivers the most comprehensive enterprise-grade automation platform, that solves problems at all business process levels with built-in cognitive solutions and analytics.

Why Automation Anywhere

• Enterprise-grade technology with consumer-grade usability

• Improved service delivery by standardizing enterprise process across business functions

• Control + Agility by creating an environment of autonomy and accountability using iterative cycles

• Bank-grade security and centralized controls

• Quick time-to-value, non-intrusive

What can organizations do with Automation Anywhere

• Combine bots into workflows

• Experience simplified data structure handling

• Use Automation Anywhere IQ Bot and Bot Insights

• Access applications on remote terminals

What can organizations do with Automation Anywhere

• Combine bots into workflows

• Experience simplified data structure handling

• Use Automation Anywhere IQ Bot and Bot Insights

• Access applications on remote terminals