SkyeITS Solutions

SkyeITS has vast experience in digital mapping, development of GIS applications and land survey using Total Stations/GPS. SkyeITS offers a wide range of professional services in GIS, photogrammetry, 2nd generation ortho photography, cadastral mapping, LiDAR and 3D image modelling. With its extensive experience, skyeITS is capable of completing large geospatial projects as well as the smaller or more technically challenging digital contracts.

SkyeITS offers end-to-end solutions in Geospatial Domain covering data capture,field surveys, data analysis, data integration and building of customized enterprise, desktop and web GIS solutions

With extensive experience in many technically advanced GIS projects, SkyeITS has developed custom GIS applications that facilitate geospatial data collection, conversion, integration and quality control, improve efficiency by combining several processing steps and decreasing processing time, work in stand-alone or in conjunction with popular software such as Arc Info, Arc View, Microstation, and Small World are based on standard programming languages like C++, Java.

Skye ITS Geospatial Solutions and Services carry technology and quality derived from a dedicated team of Geospatial domain experts, GIS Engineers, Field Surveyors and Application Engineers

Survey and Mapping

We have the expertise in field Surveys using legacy to latest technologies, our field survey teams provide onsite survey and engineering consultancy services. We provide field survey and assimilation of data in digital form for various organizations globally.

SkyeITS offers a full line of GIS services and solutions, including aerial and satellite image mapping, LiDAR data processing, and Geo database modelling and design. SkyeITS assists clients by using location-based information to analyze trends, develop projections, and design spatial models for land use, urban and regional planning, environmental management, transportation, water resources, agriculture, soils, and custom application development.

SkyeITS experienced staff include professional cartographers, geographers, photogrammetrists , GIS analysts, CAD engineers, RDBMS specialists, and software developers. To support the high demands of geospatial data processing, Skyeits maintains an enterprise suite of servers and workstations with dedicated connectivity to ensure high speed network transfer, backed by large capacity FTP servers..

SkyeITS has experience with the following software packages: ArcGIS, Intergraph Z/I SSK, ERDAS, ER Mapper, Inpho: Match-AT, Terrasolid, MicroStation, FME, Ortho Box, AutoCAD and Photoshop.

Photogrammetric Services

SkyeITS utilizes a highly automated aero triangulation approach that minimizes operator intervention and promotes high quality. SkyeITS methodology combines point selection, point measurement, point transfer and block adjustment in a single and seamless process. SkyeITS can take on any job, irrespective of size and complexity. We use rigorous standardized procedures using the latest softwares and project management techniques for consistent quality. The client is provided with a detailed triangulation report with error analysis and summary of results.

SkyeITS services include:

  • Aerial Triangulation (AT)
  • Orthophotography and Mosaic Generation
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Production
  • 2D and 3D Planimetric Feature Extraction
  • LiDAR Acquisition and Processing (topographic and bathymetric)
  • Airport Mapping
  • Multi-National Geospatial Co-Production Programme (MGCP) Production
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Cadastral Mapping
  • Land use Mapping
  • Geodetic and Control Surveys

3D Modeling

SkyeITS specializes in the production of high accuracy 3D models. Three dimensional data is captured using precise photogrammetry, laser scanning, video and LiDAR technologies. Combining still and video imagery with 3D data SkyeITS produces virtual and animated models, from building interiors and exteriors to complete cities. Our modelling and visualisation work supports the work of professionals in the heritage, engineering, architectural and planning sectors.SkyeITS adapts to the wide range of technologies used for line surveys including total station instruments, airborne lasers and photogrammetry. We accept survey data in both the plan and the profile coordinate systems. Survey data can be keyed in, can be digitized using the built in heads-up digitizer, or can be electronically imported from a survey data file. PLS-CADD has a customizable data import routine that can read a wide range of survey data formats.

We provide several methods for modelling structures. The simplest is the wind & weight span method for which you need to only enter values of allowable wind & weight spans, allowable suspension insulator swing angles and the coordinates of the wire attachment points. A far more powerful method of modelling structures is available when using our structure programs. These programs construct a finite element model from some basic input quantities such as pole height, pole class, cross-arm size and guy placement.

Research and Development:
  • SkyeITS is committed to develop research and development projects in association with best of research institutes across the globe.
  • SkyeITS is associated with IIIT-Hyderabad for developing good GIS models using open source technologies.
  • SkyeITS has started its dedicated centre at NIT Warangal campus to develop GIS and IT projects.
  • SkyeITS closely works with different research scholars, promote their ideas converts them for the best interest of industry and public usage.