Support developer productivity Help your developers build and deploy applications within accessible, cloud-hosted development environments and remote-capable tools. ecurely deliver software faster by combining the practices and tools that have supported the growth of the largest developer community in the world, with the robust and seamless integrations that Azure provides. - Collaborate with open source and innersource - Automate your code-to-cloud workflows - Secure the software supply chain - Deploy faster with native Azure integrations Build on your terms Build apps with the open-source technologies you already rely on and trust, using the language and framework of your choice Build intelligent apps Add AI capabilities to your apps with a comprehensive set of AI tools like Cognitive Services, bot creation and machine learning. Proven, secure, and responsible AI capabilities on your terms with Azure AI. Build mission-critical solutions that can analyse images, comprehend speech, make predictions using data, and imitate other intelligent human behaviors—all using Azure AI. Strengthen security Protect your apps with time-tested Azure security features and proactive compliance, and maintain full rights to your IP with Azure Advantage.