Cyber Security

At Skyeits we will make sure the below mentioned elements of cyber security are properly taken care

Network security: The process of protecting the network from unwanted users, attacks and intrusions.

Application security: Apps require constant updates and testing to ensure these programs are secure from attacks.

Endpoint security: Remote access is a necessary part of business, but can also be a weak point for data. Endpoint security is the process of protecting remote access to a company’s network.

Data security: Inside of networks and applications is data. Protecting company and customer information is a separate layer of security.

Identity management: Essentially, this is a process of understanding the access every individual has in an organization.

Database and infrastructure security: Everything in a network involves databases and physical equipment. Protecting these devices is equally important.

Cloud security: Many files are in digital environments or “the cloud”. Protecting data in a 100% online environment presents a large amount of challenges.

Mobile security: Cell phones and tablets involve virtually every type of security challenge in and of themselves.

Disaster recovery/business continuity planning: In the event of a breach, natural disaster or other event data must be protected and business must go on. For this, you’ll need a plan.End-user education: Users may be employees accessing the network or customers logging on to a company app. Educating good habits (password changes, 2-factor authentication, etc.) is an important part of cyber security.