HTML5 App Development

HTML5 App Development

HTML5 is the latest version of the HTML mark-up language involving three different codes (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) that is enabling developers to create value added apps and websites with ever craved necessities like better functionality, greater speed, enhanced performance, rich UI elements and the smooth experience similar to desktop apps.

HTML5 and some great support tooling, it is now possible to create a sleek and modern web application that is accessible from any browser, any desktop or any mobile device, anywhere at any time. Moreover, applications can be created quickly and easily with improved maintainability.

HTML 5 responsive web development

With Web users increasingly using mobile devices to browse Websites and apps, marketers need to be sure that the application appearance must good and work well on both mobile devices and PC’s. SkyEIts can use power of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript frameworks and ensure that the same content can be accessed across all hardware platforms, from mobile phones to wide-screen high-resolution displays depending on form factors, without compromising user experience. This approach of application development is called responsive web development. Some of the important strategies that SkyEIts uses for responsive web development are

Liquid or fluid layout

Defining all container widths in terms of percentages of the browser viewport, so they expand and contract as the browser window changes size

HTML 5 Rich Internet Applications (RIA) development

SkyEIts provides simple and consistent programming interface, polished and innovative UI libraries for the web, powered by jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3, a MVVM framework, themes which are easily customizable to fit specific customer requirements.

Go the HTML5 way with SkyEIts

Being one of the early adopters of HTML5 technology SkyEIts understands the need of cross device support to reach entire audience along with the fact that with HTML5, the browser is set to become the main application consumption platform.

At SkyEIts, we understand HTML5 is best utilized when combined with other technologies like web stack, canvas, CSS & WebGL for delivering real power to internet & offline applications developed for our clients.

We have leveraged features of HTML5 that have been built with the consideration of being able to run on low-powered devices such as smartphones and tablets. We extensively use HTML5 to reduce the implementation time required for mobile applications as functionalities developed using HTML5 support all the mobile platforms.

Key benefits of HTML5

The use of HTML5 with supporting technologies like CSS3 empowers web and mobile solutions resulting in better user experience, performance and time to market.

Additional tags for supporting multimedia capabilities such as playing video, animations, drawings, music files without add-ons or browser plug-ins

As HTML5 based apps are web apps, it frees the user of all the hassles of having to install the same app across multiple device platforms and app stores

HTML5 enables support for offline cache and offline database for building browser based applications for supporting occasionally disconnected scenarios

Geo-location support