Wave Analytics

Qualities included in Wave Analytics:

"SkyeIts has resources who can help you with actionable dashboards with drill-down and roll-up facility. We can share with you samples of the reports and dashboards on request."

Benefits of Using Salesforce Wave Analytics

Integrations with Other apps

The Wave Analytics can easily be integrated with other apps like Salesforce Sales and Marketing apps and so on. Through this integration, customers can acquire improved reports and dashboards through visualization.

Easy To Process Data

As this tool can easily integrate with the other Salesforce products, it can blend with the software infrastructure and simplify the complex data processing. Wave analytics cloud is easy to use and requires no training to process data.

High Security

As Wave Analytics is a 6th cloud-based tool offered by Salesforce, all the issues related to data security have been ironed out. Data that enters the system is highly encrypted. It avoids all kind of intrusions and mistakes which can happen, when one deploys the database.

Access on the go

Since it is available on the web, users on the field can share their analysis with other colleagues on the go. It can process vast amount of data without any performance issues and one can review the key metrics of the organization while one is mobile.